This Agreement regulates the relations between the site (hereinafter - the "Site"), between the owner of the site (hereinafter the "Owner") and individual (hereinafter - the "User").

By accessing the Website confirms its adherence to this Agreement.

By acceptance of this Agreement, User:

1.1 Ensures that his age is not less than 18 years.
1.2 Confirms, that he has read the terms of this Agreement.
1.3 Confirms, that he is solely responsible for the content and materials published on the Site, the privacy and data security needed for his / her authorization.
1.4 Confirms, that he is aware that the Site may contain materials that are targeted only to adult users.
1.5 Agrees to use the Site in accordance with existing and applicable laws in this area.
1.6 Undertakes not to publish open access e-mail addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, links or other contact information.
1.7 Undertakes not to publish profanity, libel, slander, pornography or other immoral materials, as well as materials that demonstrate or promote violence, cruelty or terror; material offensive to human dignity and other materials that do not match law.
1.8 Undertakes not to pursue other users, and not deceive them and not molest them, do not come into contact with others in the event of their actions, clearly indicating a reluctance to contact you, do not engage in pimping.
1.9 Undertakes not to try, without the consent of the owner to transact or offer to contract with other users in relation to any works or services, as well as goods, use the site for the dissemination of promotional materials, or illegal materials or propaganda.
1.10 allows the owner the exclusive right to distribute, reproduce, translate and adapt, as well as to report material posted on the Site or transmitted to them by the Owner in any other way, cable, wire or by other similar means, thus under which any person can access it online from anywhere and at anytime of their choice (the right to make available to the public).

Owner reserves the right to:

2.1 Update the Website.
2.2 Provide free and paid services to users (hereinafter - the "Services").
2.3 Make changes to this Agreement unilaterally.
2.4 Change the type and cost of services, and the timing of their action.
2.5 Remove or edit content published by User on the Site, unless they comply with the terms of this Agreement, are harmful to the Owner or third parties.
2.6 Use the user's personal data, as well as materials published by the User on the Site publicly available, in particular, to develop promotional materials, posting on partner sites, and for other purposes.
2.7 Transfer the rights from a User under this Agreement to third parties for the execution of this Agreement without your consent.

Owner is not liable for:

3.1 Any damage, injury or loss of information or for causing any damage to any persons that have arisen when using the services of the Site, including the use of mobile communications and other means of telecommunication.
3.2 The accuracy and content of material published by users.
3.3 Violation of the User copyright and other rights of third parties by publishing material inappropriate to the current legislation (including copyright) Posted on the Site or otherwise transferred to the owner.

Paid services:

Payment by credit card
4.2.1 User can choose an propriate payment plan. Subscription payment is: $26 for month or $60 for 3 months or $84 for 6 months or $120 for year
4.2.2 Subscription will be prolonged automatically with monthly payments of $26 - it can be cancelled at any moment on the "My settings" page when logged in.

Payment through PayPal
4.4.1 Subscription payment is $26 per month
4.4.2 Subscription will be prolonged automatically with monthly payments of $26 - it can be cancelled at any moment on